Catechin Active™

Through our proprietary complex that incorporates natural, active catechins – one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants – Catechin Active™ Skincare has the unique ability to provide every skin type with a healthy, radiant complexion. Our wide array of carefully-formulated men’s and women’s products are clinically proven to smooth wrinkles, reduce fine lines, deliver deep, long-lasting hydration, and reverse the overall signs of aging.


The intense healing powers of catechins have been treasured for centuries. One of the richest sources of these powerful antioxidants is the Acacia Catechu tree. This treasure trove of precious catechins has been completely unavailable until now. Through our development of an innovative, naturally sustainable extraction process, we are the first, and presently the only company to offer 99.9% pure, wild Acacia catechins. Furthermore, we’re incorporating them at unprecedentedly high concentrations in comparison to other catechin-based products.



Each part of the skin requires a particular form of assistance to reach its healthiest, most radiant state, so each of our products is specially formulated to achieve its specific purpose. Beginning with our Premier line, Catechin Active™ Skincare is ready to effectively, and naturally, meet all your essential skincare needs.