The intense healing powers of catechins have been treasured for centuries.

10,000 years ago, catechin-rich tealeaves were specially fermented to treat burns, wounds, and other skin ailments, while even sacred texts reference the Acacia Catechu tree – the richest natural source of catechins – as a source of profound healing and strength.

After scouring the earth for this precious tree, we discovered a hidden, bountiful source in Himachal Pradesh, nestled deep in the beautiful Himalayas. This largely untouched region features an entirely unique ecosystem, with tropical, subtropical, and deciduous forests that contain a diverse abundance of plant and wildlife. Including the Acacia Catechu.


At first glance all Acacia Catechu appear identical. Inside, however, a select few contain deep red cores that contain exponentially more catechins than accessible sources like tealeaves. These valuable specimens are identified by local tree scouts, whose intimate expertise has been passed down from generation to generation.

Through our innovative, naturally sustainable extraction process, we are the first, and presently the only company able to provide 99.9% pure, wild Acacia catechins. Furthermore we’ve incorporated them at unprecedentedly high concentrations in comparison to other catechin-based products, and undergone meticulous formulation and testing processes.

The resulting Catechin Active Skincare line has been clinically proven to dramatically improve the overall health and appearance of skin.